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Off-Road Event Reviews

New Years Day Trail Run 2001
Concho 4 Wheelers
Click here for the pictures (no longer avaliavle)

This years event was GREAT! Even better then last years.
About 30-40 4x4s showed up for the event this year.
There were 2 different trail rides, an easy and hard. I took the
easy trail due to a damaged front driveshaft (I later found both u-joints completely destroyed).

The easy trail was great for stock and modified vehicles. There
were many challanges for stock vehicles...stock Jeeps fared well while
stock fullsizes had more trouble. Along the trail were many large climbs
in varying difficulties, the harder ones almost required at least 33" tires
and a locker to avoid having to hit it full speed. Overall the trail was
probably a "Moderate" difficulty as there was breakage. A sweet Z-71
with a solid axle swap and 35s broke a front driveshaft and later broke
his traction bar. One CJ had his hood up for a while and a Blazer broke
a rear driveshaft u-joint. Along the way though there were several diffs
scraping the rocks and some scratches on paint.

After we finished the run we all had lunch and fooled around on the
RTI ramp. Then we headed for the "Crack"! This was sweet! Almost
everyone that tried it caught massive air and we even had 1 CJ fall on its
side, and several near rollovers. Check out the pics.

Then we all headed over to the backside where 4x4ers attemped the
waterfall. Most made it up great, but there were a fell close calls and
some great action. After that we headed back to base and drew for
T-Shirts and a DVD player. Be Sure to check out the pics above! And
I'm working on getting a Video I shot at the event on the site!! So watch
for that as well.

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