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Jeep YJ Wrangler Model Specs

The Jeep YJ: 1987-1995
Engine Options: Pre-1990:
4-cyl 2.5L (105 HP)
6-cyl 4.2L (115 HP)
4-cyl 2.5L (123 HP / 139 ft-lb)
6-cyl 4.0L (180 HP / 220 ft-lb)
Transmissions: 4-cyl: AX-5 (5 spd)
4-cyl: TF-904 (auto)
6-cyl: AX-15 (5 spd)
6-cyl: TF-999 (auto)
Transmission Gear Ratios: Ax-5:
1st-3.93 2nd-2.33 3rd-1.45
4th-1.00 5th-0.85 R-4.74
1st-3.83 2nd-2.33 3rd-1.44
4th-1.00 5th-0.79 R-4.22
1st-2.74 2nd-1.55 3rd-1.00 R-2.20
1st-2.45 2nd-NA 3rd1.00 R-NA
Transfer Cases & Gearing: '87: NP207, (2.61:1 Lo Range)
Post-1987: NP231, (2.72:1 Lo Range)
Axles: Front: Reverse Cut Dana 30
Rear: Dana 35C

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