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Jeep YJ Projects / Modifications

Herculine your rig!

If any of you have ever wanted to get rid of that old carpet in your Jeep,
or just want to protect it from rust. Then I strongly recommend "Herculiner".
(Click on "Product Reviews" to find out more)
WARNING: Remember that these are the steps that I used for this project. I
wrote this to give you an idea of what is involved. If you use my instructions
don't blame me if my way doesn't work for you, my instructions should work,
but I'm warning you just in case.

HERCULINER INSTALLATION: (pics to come soon)
1st: Remove everything from your Jeep: Carpet, seats, seat belts and shifter
boot and the plate under that (For a Manual Trans., shouldn't be must different
for an auto. and you don't have to mess with the dash)
2nd: Completely clean the interior. Herculiner recommends using Xylene.
3rd: Mask off any areas of the Jeep that you do not want to Herculine.
4th: Stir the Herculiner very hard. Them fill in the seams of the body with the
Herculiner using a brush. I started in the back first.
5th: Then use the roller provided to Herculine as much of the body as you can
and use the brush to get the areas unreachable with the roller.
6th: After you have coated the entire vehicle, allow it to dry. I believe the
instructions said for 2 hours, but it took a while longer then that for my Jeep.
7th: Then you apply the second coat, and you may have to buy another quart
of Herculiner, depending on how thick you'd like it.

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