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Jeep YJ Projects / Modifications

Ford 8.8" Axle Swap

As most of you active Off-Roaders probably now, the Dana 35C
isn't the most reliable axle when you go over 33" tires and begin
some serious wheeling.

One option is to beef up the 35C with 31 spline shafts and an axle
truss. But another option that can be cheap, even cheaper,
is to swap in a stronger "Junk Yard" Axle.
Here is a detailed write-up describing a Ford 8.8 Swap

If your looking for a cheap way to squeeze some more lift into your YJ,
then a body lift might be right up your alley.
A 3" Body Lift isn't as difficult as most people lead you to
believe. Down below I've listed the GENERAL steps involved.

WARNING: Follow the INSTRUCTIONS with your kit.
I'm writing this to give you an idea of what is involved, not
to instruct you step-by-step on how to perform this mod.

I Wish I had taken some pictures, but my digital camera was on the fritz.
I'll try to get some before and after shots soon.
While your vehicle is secured on a flat, level surface:

(1) Disconnect your battery cables, loosen your radiator
hose, and remove your steering shaft.

(2) You will HAVE to follow your instructions to lower your
radiator (easier then you think), and to lower your exhaust
(3) Loosen all of the 11 body mount bolts on your Jeep.
There are 3 on each side below the doors, 4 in the rear,
and 1 under the front grille.
(4) Remove the front bolt, and all those on the driver side of
your vehicle. Then use a jack (a hydraulic would probably
work the best) and lift your body off the frame enough to

insert the lift pucks and then install your new bolts, but do not
(5) Then repeat step (4) on the passenger side, and place the
spacers provided that sit below the corners of your grille.
(6) Now tighten the bolts according to Specs and use the
"Lock-Tight" provided.
(7) Be sure to check in the engine compartment for hoses that are
in a bind, or cables streched to tight.
(8) Then reconnect your battery cables and steering shaft.

Understand that in some cases, more work will need to be done
then others. My steering shaft was seized so bad that it took
6 hours of soaking and 2 hours of beating to get it to expand.

If you do not think you can perform this mod. Be SURE to seek
professional installation or assistance.
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