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Jeep YJ Projects / Modifications

K&N Intake System Install
By: Shant Meguerdichian

Picture #1
Picture #2

This is a mod which will improve your performance and milage greatly and is much cheaper than most aftermarket units. Along with an exhaust system and even ignition system it will dramatically improve power, throttle response and overall power of your engine.

I i did this on my 92 4.0L YJ with a 3" body lift. Im not sure how it will fit on the 2.5L or non-lifted jeeps but i assume that it shouldnt make that big of a difference since the engine sits higher in the body in no lifted jeeps.

Tools needed:
Drill gun, 3/8" drill bit, 9/16" drill bit, flat head screwdriver, zip ties (approx 11" long), K&N cone filter for a 2 3/4" tube, 2" 45 degree PVC joint, sealant.

(1)First make sure the engine is off and cooled down. Remove the negative cable on the battery.
(2)Remove the factory airbox by removing the 3 clamps that hold it to the wheel well and loosen the hose clamp on the rubber air duct (blue arrow). Do not remove the rubber air duct, there is a rubber tube holding the Fresh air inlet tube coming out of the engine onto the airbox, remove this and hold on to it for later use.
(3) Next take the PVC joint and drill the 9/16" hole half an inch below the middle of the inside of the elbow joint (refer to picture). this hole will be for the fresh air inlet. remove the hose from the engine and make sure the hose fits snugly into the elbow joint (redarrow) if not apply some sealant around the hose.
(4) Now take the 3/8" bit and drill a hole on the outside of the joint on the center (refer to picture) this will be for the vacum hose (orange arrow).

(5) Now take the K&N filter and it on the joint.and insert the 2 hoses. take the rubber tube i said to remove off the airbox earlier and replace the rubber tube connecting the fresh air inlet tube on the engine with the longer one, this will allow the plastic hose connecting to the intake to move around easier.
(6) Now place the PVC joint into the flexible air duct.
(7) You need to tie the joint or make a mounting bracket but for now i zip tied it to the radiator support rod (green arrow). If you let your creativity run wild u can make a mud/water shield and a mounting bracket for the filter.

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